The Construction Of A Public Pier Is Underway In Bellerive

The Project Is Taking Shape

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The development of a major infrastructure project in the Clarence area is underway with the construction of the Bellerive Public Pier kicking off.

The project is part of the State Government’s Community Infrastructure Fund Initiative and will be a valued facility for the whole community to enjoy.

Located at the point where Cambridge Road meets Victoria Esplanade, it will extend 105 meters into the mouth of Kangaroo Bay and will feature a 2.5 metre wide walkway equipped with seating, lighting and a navigation beacon.

The Bellerive Public Pier will be an all-inclusive and fully accessible addition to the waterfront for every member of the community as it is being built to accommodate wheelchairs, large prams and other mobility aids.

Doug Chipman, the Clarence Mayor, said that not only will it be a welcomed amenity for the whole community, it will also act as a breakwater which will provide protection from waves in Kangaroo Bay. It will also aid in providing protection for existing boardwalk infrastructure and other public facilities around the area such as public moorings, the boat ramp and the Bellerive Yacht Club Marina.

“In addition to providing a boost to local infrastructure, this project will see the community enjoy increased access to the waterfront for leisure activities including walking, fishing and viewing.”

The construction of the new pier is expected to be complete by the end of September.

Photograph: From left, Tom Wilcox, of Tas Marine Construction, with Clarence Mayor Doug Chipman at the site of the new Bellerive Public Pier.
Chelsea Wilde

21 May 2020

Article by:

Chelsea Wilde

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