Beer Vending Machines Are Real And You Can Get One


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Remember when vending machines were just those boring overpriced hunks of metal sitting on train platforms that you almost needed a second mortgage just to afford a snack before the commute home after a long day’s work? Well, they’ve come a LONG WAY!

There’s now pretty much a vending machine for everything. I’ve come across a pizza & burger vending machines in Europe, vending machines full of thongs (the kind for your feet), the phone accessory machines at airports & I’ve even seen a GOLD vending machine in Dubai.

Well now thanks to the legends at Craft Cartel you can get a BEER VENDING MACHINE. Imagine this bad boy sitting in the office for Friday kick-ons, or part of the ultimate man cave at home to impress your mates. 

This is a world first, super exclusive customisable craft beer vending machine subscription service with only FOUR available at $10,000 per year. But with that you get 4 refills across 12 months (holds 400 beers so let us do the maths….. 1600 beers), plus you’ll score private tastings at some of the very best local breweries, bar tabs, a BEER PONG TABLE & so much more.

Craft Cartel have a bunch of different beer subscriptions starting from $20. Check it out here

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16 April 2021

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