Bec And Ash London Join In The Fight Against Period Poverty

Kickstart For Kids do it again

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Bec and Ash London could not be more passionate to join on as ambassadors for an important new initiative that seeks to address an issue being faced by teenagers across South Australia.

Kickstart For Kids, who already provide lunches for more than 350 schools across Adelaide, have launched a new campaign which aims to address Period Poverty; an issue that pressures 26% of South Australian girls into missing school due to not having access to sanitary products.

The campaign seeks to remove the stigma around period products and make them more accessible for those who need them.

$60,000 was raised through a fundraising event last month, which would provide the essential products for hundreds of students.

Kickstart For Kids have partnered with National Pharmacies, who recently opened donation boxes at 37 locations across South Australia.

For all other information, head on over to the Kickstart For Kids Against Poverty website.

Catch Bec, Cosi & Lehmo's chat with Ash London about the inspiring initiative:

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13 July 2021

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