Barnaby Signs Off Queensland Leg Of Inland Rail Project

Getting on with the job

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The $15 billion Inland Rail project looks likely to be extended to Gladstone with Barnaby Joyce throwing his support behind the controversial multi-billion-dollar project, using the existing agreed route from the New South Wales border to Toowoomba.

The move from the Nationals leader has been posed as politically motivated by The Australian, with reports that coal as the motivation of his championing what could be one of Australia's largest infrastructure projects.

Spruiking the inland rail link a “great” carbon abatement project in federal Parliament on Tuesday, Mr. Joyce pledged to spare regional taxes and instead said the government will outline means by which to reach their targets by using technology.

The Queensland Briefing

Toowoomba’s business and community leaders came together last week, pushing the agenda that it was time to “get on with it” and start moving soil for the $1.5 billion freight link from the NSW/Queensland to Toowoomba. 

“It’s been through cabinet," Mr. Joyce said, "and we’re getting on with it. We’re getting on with the job”.

“That 1700-kilometre piece of infrastructure will drive decentralisation, drive the growth of the town of Parkes, drive the growth of the town of Narrabri, drive the growth of the town of Goondiwindi, drive the growth of the city of Toowoomba and assist in the further growth of the great cities of Melbourne and Brisbane.”

- Barnaby Joyce

Mr Joyce is expected to make further announcements about the Inland Rail at the National Press Club on September 3.


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2 September 2021

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