Bachie Matt Agnew Has Released A Statement About His Job At NAB

So what's the truth?

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We all remember yesterday when we heard the news that maybe Bachelor Matt could already be lying to us just a few weeks into our relationship with him.

Sydney Morning Herald broke the news that he was actually working as a data analyst for the National Australia Bank, instead of an astrophysicist.


One thing led to another, and fans were outraged over the lie, things got so out of hand that now Matt has released a statement to 10Daily, explaining that he wasn’t actually working for NAB and that he was working as 'data scientist' with analyst company Quantum.


Matt said, “Like anyone wishing to advance in their career, I've taken a job that will give me an extra skillset, hopefully leading to the space exploration side of space down the track.”

Adding, "I ultimately plan on using my mechanical engineering, astrophysics, and data science background to find solutions to the goals outlined by the newly minted and growing Australian Space Agency, or the burgeoning private space sector."

Well, we guess that solves that.

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Carly Heading

7 August 2019

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Carly Heading

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