Bachelorette Couple Angie And Carlin Confirm They Have Split

We're devastated!

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Bachelorette couple Angie Kent and Carlin Sterritt have confirmed that they have split. 

The pair had been hit with break up rumours in the past month, but had maintained their silence until now. 

Both Angie and Carlin took to their Instagram stories today to confirm that they have separated. 

Angie wrote, "Hi everyone, there's been a lot of speculation and rumours about the status of my relationship with Carlin. We have not wanted to confirm up until this point because there have been much bigger issues going on in the world and we've both been taking space to think about what we really want. 

"Matters of the heart are extremely difficult and I'm sad to say that Carlin and I have broken up. I wish him nothing but the best for the future.

"I appreciate everyone's concern and the investment that many of you made in the show and our story, but this is real life and we both need privacy and time to heal. I just want to put the rumours to bed and to clarify so that questions stop. Please remember we are human beings like everyone else, so be kind if you do choose to leave comments of messages. Words can be very hurtful - and compound already very difficult times. I won't be making any further comments or responding to questions at this stage. Big love, Angie. x".

Carlin also posted a video on his Instagram story where he said, "It is true that Angie and I have gone our separate ways, but you know what it's for the best for us individually." 

He also revealed that his mental health had "taken a bit of a left turn" and he asked his followers to be kind and reminded everyone that what they see posted on social media is only 5% of a person's life. 

We wish them both the best for the future, and we are glad they are doing what is best for them. 

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