Bachelor Evictee Emily Spills To Josiah & Elly About The Honey Badger!

She taught him to WHAT?!

Amber Lowther

27 September 2018

Amber Lowther

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Bachie fans, this is for you! The Honey Badger (aka Nick Cummins) gave out his final roses before hometowns in last night's episode of The Bachelor Australia and unfortunately, Dasha & Emily weren't given a rose and were sent home. Josiah & Elly had Emily on the show this morning to talk about her time with Nick and a few things we didn't see happen between them! 

"It definitely was a bit disappointing and my god, it's hard watching it back and reliving that moment. But look, I guess the lucky thing was that although it was a little bit daunting, I had my best friend Dasha there and we were able to get through it together", she said. 

Elly made a fair point saying the limo ride would've been way better because two of them went home together, instead of crying in the back by yourself thinking what could've been. SO true!

Now, we're all familiar with Nick's funny sayings that take a while to sink in, but Josiah wanted to know if he's actually like that when the cameras are off. 

"He's a quirky bloke, isn't he? I think it's just ingrained in him and I absolutely love it, it's really unique and it's bloody hilarious. He's a legend," Emily said. 

But what about her conversations with the Honey Badger? WHAT have we missed?!

"I'd like to think we got along really well. I was there for a long time and although not all of it was shown, I actually had a lot of time to get to know him, even leading up to my single date. 

If you watched Emily & Nick's single date where they did ballet, it seemed super ~awks~ when they were on the couch, but Emily cleared that up pretty quickly.

"I think by the time we managed to get a bit of couch time, wind down and have a yarn, he was shagged. He had nothing left in the tank and I think he was a bit lost for words."

And ummmm, we found out something we had NO idea about. Emily actually taught Nick how to salsa dance! Say whaaaat?!

"He actually grabbed me at one of the cocktail parties and asked to learn more, so we spent a good time shaking the booty, it was great!"

Well, that's something we didn't see! You keep shaking it, Emily!

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