Baby Tassie Devils Born On Mainland for First Time in 3000 Years

After 3000 Years, They're Here To Stay

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A huge celebration was in order for the Aussie Ark preservation project on Tuesday as they welcomed the births of the first seven Tasmanian Devils born on the mainland in an estimated 3000 years. 

The project began a decade ago as an attempt to combat the seemingly imminent extinction of the Tasmanian Devil, which had their population decimated by facial tumour disease. There were only an estimated twenty-five thousand Tasmanian Devils left in the wild of Tasmania by the end of 2020.

Aussie Ark released twenty-six Tasmanian Devils into their Barrington Tops sanctuary, 120km north of Newcastle, late last year and the results promptly became evident. They expect that up to twenty joeys will be born before the close of 2021.


Ten years ago, we started with forty-four ‘founder’ Tasmanian Devils and now we’ve had over 450 joeys” says Aussie Ark President, Tim Faulkner.

We’ve been able to historically, albeit in its infancy, return the Tasmanian Devil to the mainland. Today is another milestone entirely”, he said.

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25 May 2021

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