Babinda Man Sentenced To Six Years Over Kidnapping And Assault

After 960 days in custody

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A 45-year-old Babinda man accused of kidnapping a man before assaulting him and threatening to kill him by putting him inside of a car and setting him on fire has pleaded guilty.

Anthony Humphries has pleaded guilty to one count of common assault, one count of assault occasioning bodily harm in company and one count kidnapping for ransom.

The court was told that Mr Humphries and two acquaintances kidnapped a 29-year-old man who is alleged to have owed him approximately $3,500 for drugs.

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Humphries and two others are then believed to have assaulted the man with Humphries using a chair and threatening to douse him in boiling water.

According to Judge Tracy Fantin, the man is believed to have suffered a number of serious injuries including a fractured right eye socket, a fractured right cheek, a fractured nose and a fractured jaw.

Crown prosecutor Rachel Boivon said Mr Humphries held onto the 29-year-old for 11 hours as he waited for the victim’s brother and mother to bring him the money.

“His involvement is very significant in terms of his involvement in the threats and the actual violence,” she said. 

“The injuries that are set out are also quite significant in terms of assault occasioning bodily harm.”

A psychiatric report was also done on Mr Humphries which Ms Boivon said reflected that was not “intoxicated nor having any episode at the time of the offending”. 

“The psychiatrist explicitly states he knew what he was doing. I wish to highlight he did deny his involvement in the offending, up until that point he also denies that any of his offending is related to mental illness it is clear though whatever illness he is or isn’t suffering there is an underlying substance abuse which seems to be the trigger for it.”

Mr Humphries has already served 960 days in custody and has been sentenced to six years in prison and will be eligible for parole from March 30.

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Georgie Marr

31 March 2022

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Georgie Marr

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