Aussie Label CAMILLA AND MARC Create Capsule Collection To Support Ovarian Cancer Research

Ovaries. Talk About Them.

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Much-loved Australian fashion label, CAMILLA AND MARC, have launched global campaign, Ovaries, Talk About Them. dedicated to spreading awareness and raising money for Ovarian Cancer research.

There is still no test for ovarian cancer, despite it affecting millions of women each year, with close to 300,000 new cases annually, worldwide.

CAMILLA AND MARC has announced a cumulative $1 million fundraising goal as part of its Ovaries. Talk About Them campaign, which is now in its third year. Every single dollar raised through the campaign will go directly to Associate Professor Caroline Ford’s team at the UNSW Ovarian Cancer Research Group, who are working to have an early detection test move to clinical trials in the next four years.  If successful, it will be a simple blood test made available to women globally at their regular GP visit each year.

Founders of the label, Camilla Freeman Topper and Marc Freeman reveal they lost their mother to the cancer.

"We lost our mother to Ovarian Cancer 28 years ago and the statistics have not changed. It is with great determination that we continue our greatest mission in life; to change the face of this disease, and to help others avoid the same sort of loss and pain that we have experienced.⁠⁠This year’s message is clear; you deserve better. Your families deserve better. We all deserve a test for the single most deadly female cancer. It’s not good enough that 75% of women find out they have the disease when it's too late. We need an early detection test; a test is the cure. And we need it now. Join the conversation, buy a t-shirt, a sweater, a cap or tote this week and you will be working with us to change the face of women’s health forever."

The capsule collection is now available online and at all CAMILLA AND MARC boutiques nationwide for a limited time while stocks last. 100% of all sales will be donated directly to the cause. Get yours here!

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Amber Lowther

10 May 2022

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Amber Lowther

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