ATAGI Expands Winter Covid Booster Dose To Australians At Increased Risk

Covid Tracker: May 25

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The nation's expert vaccine advisory group has given the green light to a further 1.5 million Australians to receive a fourth Covid jab.

The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation's (ATAGI) latest advice recommends a winter Covid booster for those aged between 16 and 64 with a medical condition that increases the risk of severe Covid illness, as well as people with a disability with significant or complex health needs or multiple co-morbidities.

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Acting Health Minister Katy Gallagher said the eligibility criteria for another booster allows people with cancer and other complex health conditions, or those living with a disability extra protection from the deadly virus.

"The idea behind expanding the criteria has been to ensure that people who are at the greatest risk of severe infection, the worst end of Covid, are protected," she said.

In March, people aged over 65, residents of aged care or disability care facilities, immunocompromised people and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 50 years or above were approved for a booster jab.

ATAGI also encourages people to be vaccinated against Influenza, which can be co-administered with the additional booster dose of Covid vaccine.  

Asked whether a fourth dose would soon be recommended for the general population, Ms Gallagher said that "ATAGI's view at the moment is that's not required."

Meanwhile, Covid cases and hospitalisations across Australia and New Zealand look like this:

Western Australia 

  • New cases: 12,419
  • Covid-related deaths: 2
  • Hospital and ICU admissions: 301 / 7

Northern Territory 

  • New cases: TBA
  • Covid-related deaths: TB
  • Hospital and ICU admissions: TBA

Australian Capital Territory 

  • New cases: 934   
  • Covid-related deaths: 0
  • Hospital and ICU admissions: 88 / 1 


  • New cases: 5,584
  • Covid-related deaths: 10
  • Hospital and ICU admissions: 426 / 15

New South Wales 

  • New cases: 8,970
  • Covid-related deaths: 11
  • Hospital and ICU admissions: 1,209 / 35


  • New cases: 13,023
  • Covid-related deaths: 17
  • Hospital and ICU admissions: 567 / 37x`

South Australia 

  • New cases: 3,975
  • Covid-related deaths: 1
  • Hospital and ICU admissions: 236 / 10


  • New cases: 899
  • Covid-related deaths: 0
  • Hospital and ICU admissions: 51 / 2

New Zealand 

  • New cases: 8,150
  • Covid-related deaths: 11
  • Hospital and ICU admissions: 368 / 11

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25 May 2022

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