At-Risk Townsville Kids Succeeding in Transition To Success Program

Farmhand training

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The Transition to Success (T2S) program was highly praised by the Youth Justice Minister in Townsville on Wednesday. 

The accolades come as a new partnership with TAFE have delivered a first of its kind in a farmhand course.

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Ten young people, participated in developing new skills through hands-on training in areas such as farm machinery operation and weed and pest control.

Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs Minister Leanne Linard explains the scheme offers at-risk teens vocational training and employment.

"Because we know if young people are engaged in education, training or work, they are far less likely to offend, and we want to give these young people the opportunity to turn their life around".

“Young people in T2S have often experienced difficulty with mainstream education, so this course represents a big step forward for them and gives them the entry-level skills they need to be a farm labourer,” Ms Linard said.

“This has meant learning how to safely operate tractors, front-end loaders and other machinery, how to safely use chemicals to manage pest and weeds, and how to revegetate land.”

Working towards reducing risk factors linked to youth offending, while reintroducing engaging modes of educating and skills training while improving communication and behaviours. 

The success of the T2S program is evident in the downward trend of re-offending among the cohort, with two-thirds of graduates not engaging in criminal activity within a year of completion.

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3 November 2021

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