Assistance Dog Jinx Has Received Enough Community Support To Afford Heart Surgery

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Last week 15-year-old Townsville teenager Devlin was relying on the support of the community to ensure that his best mate could have life saving surgery. 

When the Southern Cross Catholic student was just 8 years old, he lost the lower half of his right leg due to bone cancer.

Devlin's family made the move to Brisbane for 12 months while he went through therapy and rehabilitation, before heading back to Townsville. 

The physical and mental trauma that Devlin experienced, means he needs a little extra help and that comes in the form of a fur friend, Jinx. 

Jinx isn't far away from celebrating her 3rd birthday, however vets have told her humans that life saving heart surgery is required ASAP. 

The costs of the surgery and post-surgery treatment quickly added up to over $10,000. 

A GoFundMe page has received the support needed and more from the generosity of 131 friends, family, and even strangers for Jinx. 

Devlin's mother, Elvira posted this update to the GoFundMe page: 

So first of all, we want to say a HUGE Thank You to all of you who have donated and/or shared on Facebook.
We are extremely grateful.
Jinx can have her life saving surgery!

Jinx’s surgeon will be in Townsville on Monday the 3rd of Aug.
Jinx will have a check up in the afternoon and we will have to leave her there overnight as she will have her surgery on Tuesday morning!

We're wishing Jinx all the best for her surgery!



Carley Whittington

29 July 2020

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Carley Whittington

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