Ask Tanya: How To Navigate Mother's Day In The Best Way Possible

Your Mother's Day Guide

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Hi. I’m radio announcer, author, professional dancer and day drinker Tanya Hennessy.

Welcome to my advice column, and you should always take life advice from someone who is braless and has their top on backwards and inside out whilst writing this.

How do I get my sister to get involved in gift sharing with me? She wants to do her own thing - but we can get a better gift if we go in together.
Siblings are weird, you’ll give them your organs but you won’t let them wear your clothes or share their food with you.

Is it wrong to give mum something regifted? 
If it's wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

My mum says she doesn’t want anything… is she lying?
Yes. Get her something, even it’s small... like a baby camel. 

I have a 3-month-old son, how do I remind my husband to get me a card and a gift?
Text him everyday with pictures of things you want. Oh, and yell around the house multiple times an hour… “IT'S GOING TO BE MY FIRST MOTHERS DAY and I EXPECT GIFTS”. Another thing you can do is... talk through your son. You know how to do it, talk as if it’s to your son but it’s really to your husband… “I hope you get me something… I would be really annoyed at daddy if he forgot, I would stop having sex with him for several weeks as a punishment”. 

Should I tell my kids not to get me anything because it’s always from the market at school and its always awful… Or is it the thought that counts and I should act surprised?
My mum once got half a sausage roll and a used soap off me for Mother's Say and that was like 4 years ago. It’s the thought. 

What’s the best Mother’s Day gift?
Multiple goats.

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Tanya Hennessy

7 May 2019

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Tanya Hennessy

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