Ask Tanya: How To Absolutely Nail Halloween This Year

Trick or treat!

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Hi. I’m radio announcer, author, professional dancer and day drinker Tanya Hennessy. Welcome to my advice column, and you should always take life advice from someone who is braless and has their top on backward and inside out whilst writing this.

How can I encourage my boyfriend to get into Halloween?
Tell him he can go as whatever he wants then last minute be like, “We’re doing matching Mickey and Minnie Mouse!” and do it on Facetime with your parents so he can’t say no!

How do I make some healthy Halloween treats?
You are a monster. This could be someone’s dress up FOR Halloween. Who are you? I’m someone who gives kids dates and boiled eggs for trick or treat. Truly scary.

What’s the best way to invite people to a party now-a-days?
Text, Insta DM, Facebook event, in person, calendar invite, email, send it in mail, courier pigeon.

What’s a fun and cheap costume idea?
I have 5.
5) Get a red shirt, print off the Netflix logo and buy a bag of ice and go as Netflix And Chill.
4) Get a robe and slippers, don’t do your hair or make up… get some stuffed cats and go as a Crazy Cat Lady.
3) Stare at your smartphone all night and go as a Millennial.
2) Wear anything and write a sign that says, “Out of work nudist” and hang it over your neck.
1) We have all seen the video online - “ActiveWear”…. So here’s my tip, wear an exercise top and leggings and joggers and write on your shirt, “At Halloween in my active wear”.

I feel bad not letting my kids trick or treat, it’s just that I worry about strangers and candy…
Just give them a bag of mini Mars Bars.

How do I make sure my kids don’t go wild on sugar?
It’s one night woman. Calm your tits.

My girlfriend and I wanna go matching, what are some cute same sex couple ideas?

Go as two different Disney princesses that have ditched their princes and found love together. Just don’t go as Ariel, jumping around in a tail all night is awful, and it hurts your boobs.

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Tanya Hennessy

25 October 2019

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Tanya Hennessy

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