Here's How You Can Support Ardmona Football Club

Officially Suspended From KDFNL

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Riverine Herald

It's a sad time for Ardmona Football Club and the entire community following the announcement that their membership to the KDFNL has been suspended for 2020.


The small-town club was unable to keep up with expenses, with their last win five years ago.

But what they might lack in funds and skill, the team makes up in spirit. 

President Plugga told 7 News, "We come out every week and get absolutely smashed. We are not the best footballers, but we never give up no matter what. Whether it's raining, it doesn't matter. We just keep going until the end."

A Go Fund Me page launched late last month in an attempt to clear debts, and will continue raising money in an effort to get their club back.

Ebony Reeves

12 September 2019

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Ebony Reeves

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