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Apps you need to pass time in Iso

Anyone else getting sick of Netflix and feel the need to get away from the tv screen? Same!! Well that calls for us to turn the tv OFF and move our focus to our phone screens.

Need some app inspiration to pass some time? I got you covered.

Speech Jammer

This is the funniest app EVER! Grab some headphones and try to read with the app’s audio distortion, I dare you! I guarantee you’ll sound like you’re from another planet. Ab forming laughs will be had using this app.


Where would the world be right now without Vine’s younger, more annoying sibling, TikTok? A giant pool of trending videos from the world’s funniest, weirdest and obviously most bored people. I was sceptical at first but now I’m well and truly strapped into the bandwagon. I’ve even gone to the extent of filming my own version of the Blinding Lights dance, along with 2 billion other TikTok newbies #basic.

Candy Crush

The best time-wasting app that was ever invented!!!! It’s old I know, but after re-downloading earlier this year while waiting for a delayed flight, I’m telling ya this is gaming at its finest. I’m pretty sure there’re over 72397943 levels, so that’s at least a week or two covered in Iso, right?

Menulog, Dominos, Deliveroo, Uber Eats, ANY FOOD APP!!

I don’t know about you, but it takes me at least 30 minutes to sift through each food app to find the meal I’ve been waiting for. So, for three meals a day, that’s 1.5 hours of time covered! Remember, what once was seen as trashy and lazy is now seen as ‘supporting local businesses’, so go crazy.

And if those don’t work, I guess doing something active or productive would work just as well!

~Alicia MacFarlane-Barrow

21 April 2020

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