Appeal For Information On $1 Million Silver Bullion Heist

Allegedly taken from a truck

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Source: NSW Police

Police say thieves have stolen $1 million worth of silver bullion from a truck that was en route to Melbourne from Sydney. 

The alleged "unusual" heist took place across the weekend from 4:30 pm on November 26 to 8 am on November 29 as the truck made the journey from Maldon to the Victorian capital. 

Detectives from the NSW Robbery and Serious Crime Squad now believe insider knowledge was what led to the successful theft as detailed in an appeal for information they released today. Police say it was not until the Kenworth truck and silver Krueger trailer arrived in Melbourne that the alert was raised that $1,015,000 worth of silver, from a consignment of 192 individual 5kg bars, was discovered missing. 

"A line of inquiry we're looking at is people having inside knowledge as to the consignment of silver and it being transported between Sydney and Melbourne."

- Detective Acting Superintendent Paul Smith

Acting Superintendent Smith described the robbery as “unusual” and that the bars are very unique making them particularly identifiable. 

"Certainly very unique these type of bars, quite large and quite heavy, they're stamped with an identifier on them to make them certainly identifiable," he said.

Source: NSW Police Force 

Anyone who has been approached by individuals trying to sell the bars is urged to contact the police. 

Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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21 December 2021

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