Anti-Weapon Protestors Hit Brisbane For Second Day

The Expo "Selling Weapons of Death"

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More protest action was expected to occur in Brisbane on Wednesday morning, as passionate protestors called for the end of a taxpayer-funded defensive weapon expo.

Around 150 activists showed up at the Land Forces expo at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on Tuesday to argue that the companies involved in the event were “complicit in crimes against humanity”.

A total of seven people had already been arrested for the protests. The arrests came after protestors allegedly dropped paint on the stairs of the venue, threw fake blood and harassed soldiers in attendance, calling them “war criminals”.


Priya De, Shut Down Land Forces’ Campaign Organiser, stated that the protesters were standing against the conference “selling weapons of death”.

These companies are complicit in crimes against humanity, from Palestine to West Papua and more,” she said, “The expo should not go ahead, and we are protesting to shut it down.

This year’s Land Forces expo was set to be the largest yet, expected to be 30% larger than the 2018 edition of the event, which attracted over 15,000 patrons and 624 companies over its three-day runtime.

Though the amount that the Queensland Government has committed to the convention was vague, it was believed that the conference would boost the industry which had already kept 6500 Queenslanders employed.

Protestors Hit Brisbane For Second Day

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2 June 2021

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