Antarctic Blast About To Snap Freeze Victoria

Time To Get Cosy

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Time to rug up and grab yourself a mug of hot cocoa as an Antarctic blast is expected to hit Victoria this week.

The weather bureau has already put out a severe weather warning from Monday for damaging winds.

Forecaster Sarah Scully said, “we’ve got widespread showers, small hail, isolated thunderstorms as well. And a really cold pool of air is expected to be brought up with snow down to 900 meters”.

Rainfalls could top 35 millimeters through this week, with temperatures in the day struggling to reach higher than 14 degrees.

Good news for Victorian alpine businesses though! As snow season officially opens on Friday, the government has just announced a $32.2 million tourism package, with 4.4million dedicated to an Alpine Support program. 

According to ABC News, Mount Hotham Chamber of Commerce president Steve Belli said,

"[Bookings have] gone down from 100 percent to somewhere between 25 to 35 percent”.

Severe Weather Warning for Victoria:

“We had four days of trade in 2020 — there are not many businesses around Australia that have suffered that badly”, he said.

With Victoria's current COVID-19 restrictions preventing Melbournians from traveling, we are anxiously waiting to hear about whether we will be able to grab our skis and boards and head to the slopes this month.

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7 June 2021

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