Andrews Government Rolls-out Primary School Pop-Up Vaxx Clinics

‘Mini’ vaccination hubs

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A day and a half into the roll-out and more than 35,000 Victorian kids aged five to 11-year-old have received their first jab from state-run hubs.

Deputy chief medical Officer Michael Kidd reassured Victorians that children won't miss out with more than 40,000 appointments still available.

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"We have enough of the Pfizer vaccine for every five to 11-year-old to receive their first dose by the end of this month," he said.

"By the time children are returning to school the majority of children in Australia will have had the opportunity to have had their first dose."

"So, there is no need to panic about not being able to get an appointment over the next few days," he urged.

"There will be appointments available over the next couple of weeks before children are starting to go back to school."

- Prof Kidd

Meanwhile, 30 pop-up vaccination clinics will be rolled out at primary schools across Victoria where there is the greatest need.

Victorian premier Daniel Andrews announced the program delivering after hours Covid vaccines to eligible school-aged children.

"I'm pleased to be able to announce another $4 million of grants to GPs and community pharmacists to go into schools, after hours, so a familiar environment, a well-known environment, to get our kids vaccinated, that begins very soon," he said.

"That's just a continuation, a trusted, local, well-known environment, using trusted and local well known and well-respected healthcare professionals, GPs and community pharmacists. They won't do that without support. It won't be efficient. They would lose money if they were to do that, so those grants help to take the care even more locally."

- Premier Andrews

The pop-ups clinics will be made available to all eligible children, not just those who attend the school hosting the clinic.

In addition, the state government have delivered $4 million in grants to support GPs and local pharmacies establish “mini” vaxx clinics.


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11 January 2022

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