Alleged Tasmanian Scam-Artist Charged In Far North

24 Offences

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Far North Queensland detectives have charged a Tasmanian man with 24 fraud-related offences as a part of an ongoing investigation. 

The 39yo is accused of allegedly trying to obtain money from two separate Cairn’s businesses under false pretenses.

Police allege that on 1 August, the Tasmanian attempted to scam an Earlville convenience store worker asking for $500 for a locksmith.

The following day the man allegedly tried to swindle $300 from a corner shop on Shield Street.

Worker from both businesses refused the man believing it to be a scam.

Far North Police charged the Tasmanian man over the weekend with two counts of fraud and two counts of attempted fraud.

He remains in custody and is scheduled to reappear at Cairns Magistrates Court on August 23.

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18 August 2021

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