ALDI To Put Strawberries Back On The Shelves

Non-impacted brands

17 September 2018

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ALDI has announced that all non-impacted strawberry brands will be returned to the shelves as the company works with strawberry growers and regulatory officials regarding the recent fruit sabotage across the nation.

This comes after strawberries were pulled from the shelves amid concerns of contamination as sewing needles and pins were found in punnets sold at supermarkets across the country.

An ALDI spokesperson has said after working with the Queensland State Health Emergency Coordination Centre and Food Safety Authorities in each state, the non-impacted strawberries will have their supply restored to minimise the impact on primary producers.

The safety of customers has been our leading concern throughout this matter. Now that we have processed all the facts and checked with the investigating authorities, our priority is to restore supply to ensure the impact to our primary producers is contained as quickly as possible. The food waste associated with this matter is significant and has been unavoidable. We are actively working with our valued primary producers and the supporting supply chain to do what we can to minimise the impact and cost of the recent withdrawals. As a precautionary measure, we support the current guidance of the Queensland State Health Emergency Coordination Centre, to chop your strawberries before you chomp.

- ALDI spokesperson

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