AFL And Tasmanian Government At Standstill Over New Stadium Funding

Parties won’t budge

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The AFL and the Tasmanian Government are at a standstill, with the league saying the state must pay for the majority of the $500 million-plus Macquarie Point stadium.

With the bid for the state to home the 19th AFL side moving into its final weeks, who funds the new stadium is the deal breaker.

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The cost for the stadium is only a guesstimate, with a figure of up to $750 million also tabled, but that could also increase at the conclusion of a detailed $1.25 million feasibility study currently being worked through.

On Saturday, Tasmanian premier Jeremy Rockliff said in an open letter the state wouldn’t pay for more than half of the stadium.

“No expansion club has ever come near replicating an offer like this."

While there is value because Tasmania will derive a significant return, the government will withdraw its offer if the AFL doesn’t respect the magnitude of this offer.”


However, the AFL compared situations to the Western Australian Government which provided most of the $1.8 billion to build Optus Stadium.

As part of the bid, a roofed stadium is a non-negotiable and if an agreement is not made in the upcoming weeks, there’s no certainty current club presidents would give their approval – which AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan has said is mandatory.

The AFL believes it can work through the issues with the state with list building, player retention, an annual distribution of over $10 million to the team and an elite training facility. 

“The AFL continues to work through the 11 agreed work streams with the Tasmanian government,” the AFL said on Saturday night.

Club presidents are expected to cast their vote on the bid in mid-August.


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26 July 2022

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