Adele Performs 5 Star Perth Concert At Domain Stadium

Adele's first Aussie concert!

1 March 2017

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If it took you an extra hour and a half to get home from work last night, it was probably all because of Adele and the 65,000 people who packed out Subiaco’s Domain Stadium to see her first ever Australian concert.

Before you point the finger though, you should know that all the traffic jams, blocked off roads and patrolling helicopters were worth it because oh-my-word, that goddess rocked the house!

As the crowd filled in to the open-air stadium, a circular raised stage with an enormous 360 degree overhead graphics screen waited patiently in the centre, featuring a giant image of Adele’s closed eyes.

Eventually, as the lights dimmed and the crowd roared, the 28 year-old Brit appeared and launched into her hit song, ‘Hello,’ as her opening number, timed perfectly to the eyes opening on the screen.

If you didn’t get goosebumps at this point, someone may need to check your pulse!

In a sparkling pink, custom-made gown, the queen of ballads stepped down off her top platform to walk around the circular stage, waving to Domain Stadium’s record number of screaming fans.

Referring to concert attendees as “My Darlings,” Adele welcomed the crowd, opening up about her own fear of performing to such a large turnout and admitting she considered running away in fear.

“Oh my god, there are so many of you,” she said in awe.

“When I’m nervous, I talk a lot!”

And talk she did! Known for her cheeky mouth, Adele proceeded to chat to the crowd as if they were old friends, telling stories about following her musical idols into toilets, flies in her tea, her weight and not caring about the haters.

On top of confetti bombs containing hand-written messages and t-shirt cannons, the diva managed to imbed some intimacy into the concert of tens of thousands of people with a kiss-cam and by hiding a letter and photograph under one lucky fan’s chair, personally saying thank you.

Bless her Christian Dior socks!

Following the ever-popular ‘Hello,’ came ‘Hometown Glory,’ which she belted out over a series of Perth images played on the giant screens above her screaming fans. Listening to her effortless, pitch-perfect vocals, while looking at black and white pictures of Perth’s Swan River Skyline, Cottesloe Beach and Fremantle’s giant ferris wheel, made the entire aura of the concert even more personal.

Before launching into the world-famous track ‘Skyfall,’ backed by a men’s choir, Adele explained that not only had her voice dropped an octave at the time of recording due to her pregnancy, but she originally said no when approached to write a song for the 007 film.

“I tried to play hard to get,” she said.

“You know? Treat them mean, keep them keen and all that!”

She confessed that her plan didn’t work out as she had hoped and had to quickly tell producers she wanted to do it.

Could you imagine that film without Adele’s powerful and haunting vocals? It’s not even worth thinking about!

As every single concert-goer secretly hoped, Adele chose a fan to come on stage which, as luck would have it, was Perthonality and Connections Drag-Queen extraordinaire, Feminem, who came dressed as Adele in a $700 black sparkling, custom-made gown.

What is better than one Adele? That’s right, two! Swoon.

As every fan was waiting for, and in true Adele form, she discussed her 21 album and THAT relationship that sparked it all.

“I was truly heartbroken and the person I wrote the whole album about … well, he was a d!ckhead!” She claimed.

Going in to further detail, the Londoner said that not only did she have to deal with excruciating heartbreak at the end of that relationship, but she also lost most of her friends who chose to side with him.

“They all chose his side. I don’t know why,” she said.


“They could have all been here, in Perth, with me. I would have flown them all over!” She added before exploding in to an authentic, raw, contagious Adele laugh.

You tell em’ sister!

And with that, Adele said goodbye with her final number, ‘Someone Like You.’

“Oh sh!t, here come the tears,” she said.

“This is my first ever stadium show and I will never, ever, ever forget this.”

Overall, Adele kept her entire 65,000 fans deeply enthralled in her performance from start to finish. With incredible theatrics, a personalised Perth feel, a dress to envy, hilarious banter and those heart-stopping, goosebump raising, tear-jerking vocals that only Adele can provide, this was one of the best concerts Perth has ever seen.

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Adele’s remaining tour dates:

The Gabba, Brisbane – March 4th & 5th
ANZ Stadium, Sydney – March 10th & 11th
Adelaide Oval, Adelaide – March 13th
Etihad Stadium, Melbourne – March 18th & 19th
Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland – March 23rd, 25th & 26th

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