Acting Premier Steven Miles Announces Air Conditioning In All Queensland State Schools

For Cooler Cleaner Schools Program

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The Queensland government have announced that all Queensland state schools are now fully air conditioned. 

Acting Premier Steven Miles and Education Minister Grace Grace visited Wavell State High School to announce that the state government’s promise to deliver air condition to all state schools had been delivered ahead of schedule.

“We promised Queenslanders that we would air condition every classroom, library and staff room in every Queensland state school and that’s exactly what we’ve done,” Mr Miles said.

“Around 10,000 spaces in 649 Queensland state schools have been air conditioned thanks to our $477 million investment in the Cooler Cleaner Schools Program.”

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Mr Miles said the installations were completed just in time for the beginning of Term two.

“Due for completion in June 2022, all installations were completed over two months ahead of schedule to ensure students and staff could enjoy air-conditioned spaces from the start of Term 2,” he said.

“We know that students learn best when they’re in cooler and comfortable learning environments.

“I know there will be some happy teachers, parents, students and staff across Queensland today.”

Education Minister Grace Grace said the Cooler Cleaner Schools Program supplied air conditioning to over 300 schools in Brisbane alone.

“The Palaszczuk Government has worked to make sure our students and staff are now enjoying the benefits of air conditioning in around 10,000 school spaces,” she said.

“That includes 323 schools in the greater Brisbane area alone, with a total investment of around $129 million covering more than 5,660 spaces across the region which now have air conditioning installed.

Ms Grace said the addition of new air conditioners and ventilation units could help to minimise the spread of Covid in classrooms.

“Ventilation of learning spaces can be provided naturally, through opening of windows and doors when conditions allow, or mechanically via ventilation and air conditioning systems that introduce fresh air from outside,” she said.

The Cooler Cleaner Schools Program is believed to have provided around 1,000 jobs with another 4,100 more to come over the 2021-22 financial year.

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Georgie Marr

19 April 2022

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Georgie Marr

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