Abbie Chatfield Issues Statement To Brooke Blurton But Not Everyone Is Happy

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Abbie Chatfield has shared an apology to her Instagram after The Bachelorette and previous close friend, Brooke Blurton, called out Abbie yesterday for being a narcissist and displaying white privilege.

Fans of both women went into a frenzy yesterday after Brooke issued her side of the story, clearly angry at how her friend went about things.

Here's Abbie's statement: 

However, when So Dramatic! uploaded Abbie's apology to their Instagram, not everyone was buying it.

One person wrote, "Secretly captured and made public by a patron"?! THEY WEREN'T EVEN TRYING TO HIDE! The footage was at a package popular Byron Bar, all over each other and they expected to NOT BE NOTICED?! BS, they could have stayed in. It was a PR stunt and, I wish I had screenshotted her Q&A when she literally said...."we decided to go against PR advice and go public".

Another person said, "I don’t know why people keep focusing on the actual relationship! It’s not about that it’s more about the impact that the announcement had. I don’t think Brooke actually cares that much about the fact Konrad and Abbie are together. Also Abbie didn’t promote the finale or mention it at all on the day. And the start of her recap episode on the podcast was all about Konrad. I like a lot of the stuff Abbie has to say but this seems very calculated imo"

Podcaster Megan Pustetto also weighed in on her own post, commenting, "Can I just say, that I find it very weird that people apologise to the media and the public but not directly to the person they upset. As far as I am aware, Brooke has not received a sincere personal apology from Abbie yet here is Abbie addressing the issue via Instagram. Why not contact Brooke direct and express your remorse? You have her number…"

Abbie limited comments on her post, but did receive some praise from followers.

A fan wrote, "This is a really great response to the various issues raised. This reflects great leadership with an online platform and I hope others choose to do the same 👏"

Another wrote, "Yes yes yes. This is why I love you. Taking ownership. Yes ❤️❤️❤️"

If one thing is for sure, it will be interesting to see where it goes from here!

Want to know what Brooke had to say about Abbie? Find out here: 

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Amber Lowther

3 December 2021

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Amber Lowther

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