A Wizard’s Beer Festival Is Coming To Brisbane

A Magical Evening

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Any Harry Potter inspired event is exactly the type of event that is up my alley. So naturally when that magic is combined with beer, you end with what seems like an epic weekend.

For the beer lovers out there you’ll be able to get your hands on a few themed beers which will be included as part of your admission fee, as well as a couple of tokens to use throughout the event.

There’ll be some local DJ’s to set the magical vibe (hopefully adding in some Hogwarts themed remixes) as well as tarot card readers and wand making classes, all with dry ice filling the air to add to the magical mood.

Dressing the part isn’t required but it is encouraged, and you’ll even get the chance to win yourself some magical items to add to your collection. Whip out your robes, and grab your wands, this sounds like it’s going to be a magical evening.

The Wizard’s beer festival is happening for one day only on the 14th of June, and while tickets aren’t on sale yet, you can register here, to be notified of what tickets go on sale.

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