A Valentine's evening that even Cupid would swoon over!

You're welcome lovers!

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Candle lit dinners are over, and roses are so yesterday!

We've planned out the perfect Valentine's evening agenda, that'll have your S.O blushing.


For dinner, it's pizza with a romantic twist.

Knot Just Pasta in Campbell is offering up pizza in the shape of the organ of love, a heart. You can sprinkle a bit more romance by writing a love note in sauce on the pizza, a move that will surely have your loved one head over heels.

While awaiting the arrival of your valentines letter in pizza form, why not add a bit of pzaz, with a Maccas order.

Now it’s the day for love, so we’re not talking the usual ten nuggies, we’re talking the romantic ten nuggies. That’s right, Maccas has introduced a special heart shaped box for the golden nuggets, which can be hand delivered to your door, a feat that screams Romeo and Juliet without the dud ending.


Now you and your beloved are filled with romance inspiring food, its time to pop the big question and Dolly's got your sorted.

Their two for $20 valentines cocktails come with a lolly ring, so you can ask your partner for their hand in marriage, followed by promising that of course you have a proper ring you just forgot it, Promise!


Its getting to the pointy end of the evening, and after that kafuffle with the ring, you really need to turn things around.

You wander down the Braddon Streets, hand in hand, talking about your future when the lights of Messina begin to call your name.

While joining the queue that goes out the door and down the street something else catches your eye.... is that.... finger bun lube?

This could save the night right? its fun, flirtatious and a little bit on the naughty side, we'll leave the rest for you to imagine 😉

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12 February 2023

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