A Source Has Spilled the Tea on the Fake Chad & Sophie Relationship

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A 'source' has dished the dirt on Chad & Sophie relationship, apparently, it's not true love, but just some clever editing by Big Brother

We all love to see a love story develop on our screens, especially when it’s reality tv. It doesn’t even have to be a dating show! But we all hope to see a reality tv show bring two people, two soul mates, together while we eagerly watch on hoping for a happy ending.

Not going to lie, I was sure we would get another Big Brother romance that was as strong as Jess & Marty, or as controversial as Tully and Drew, and it happened, two genetically blessed individuals, Chad & Sophie, found each other and we were all getting heart eyes watching it unfold.

But, it might not be a case of true love and soul mates finally finding each other, but just some clever editing from the Big Brother producers.

A ‘source’ has spilled the tea on their relationship, yes I know, the elusive ‘source’, is it even worth listening to what they say? It could be Karen from accounts just chiming in with her two cents, but it could also be a housemate or someone from the production team, with some actual insight.

From what this source had to say, it sounds less like Karen from accounts making an anonymous call, but instead sounds like it’s come straight from someone from the Big Brother team because it kind of checks out.

Hear the dirt that was dished:

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1 July 2020

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