A Deadly Bacteria Could Threaten South Burnett's Wine Region

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23 October 2018

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There are calls for wine growers to be more aware of a deadly bacteria that could threaten the South Burnett wine region.

Xylella Fastidiosa is a bacteria that stops plants from feeding and is currently impacting farms across the globe.

If the bacteria makes its way here, stats show it could cost the Australian wine and grape sector almost $8 billion.  The disease lives in plants water vessels, stopping the plants from feeding.

Wine Australia’s General Manager for Research, Development and Extension, Dr Liz Waters says the impact on Australia would terrifying.  She adds that while there is no current cure for the disease there are other ways countries are working to overcome it and research is integral for our farmers with over a dozen wineries in the South Burnett region under threat if the deadly plant bacteria finds its way here.

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