'90s Show 'Dinosaurs' Is Making a Comeback

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Disney+ is bringing back some old school favourites over the next few months.

Prepare for a dose of nostalgia because Disney+ is bringing back one of our favourite tv shows from the '90s, Dinosaurs.

Before you start panicking, no, it will not be a remake (how can you remake perfection?), they are dropping the show on Disney+ before the end of the year.

For anyone who doesn't need to wear an eye cream before bed, you may not remember the masterpiece that was created by Jim Henson with Disney, which aired from 1991-1994. Dinosaurs follow the lives of a family of prehistoric creatures that are living in a modern world.

At the time, the show seemed to be targetted toward a younger audience, but in reality, the show is peppered with sexual innuendos, adult topics and jokes, and may be even more entertaining to watch almost thirty years after it first aired.

We've taken a trip down memory lane and looked at other bizarre tv shows from your childhood:

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3 September 2020

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