6 Sleeps To 6 Underground

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Netflix have outdone themselves with their “Bad-Ass” new film 6 Underground. It’s got everything your heart desires. From hot dudes with smoking guns to even hotter girls with superstar moves, 6 Underground is it. They blow up Range Rovers, take on bad guys, flip cars in the streets of Italy and rock Rolls Royce’s in the desert. They destroy crazy rich Penthouses and take over the world's sexiest (and most expensive) Yacht. It’s wild. It’s epic.

Our Live From LA host Dean McCarthy caught up with the legendary director Michal Bay. This is the guy behind Armageddon, Pearl Harbor and Transformers.. so yeah, the guy knows what he’s doing!


6 Underground will rock your world. December 13 only on Netflix.

12 December 2019

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