5 ways to up your pet-owner cred

How to show ‘em you love ‘em!

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With all this extra time spent within our own four walls lately, we all know how important it is to keep ourselves sane and happy. So much so, that it’s easy to forget that we’re not in there alone. Our beloved pets are doing the hard yards with us!

We asked Pet Focus Vetcare to share some of their knowledge with us, so we can share it with you and make ourselves look smarter. The Pet Focus crew are the go-to for emergency and wellness care. They’ve seen it alllllll, meaning the know what to look for and how to make sure it won’t harm your pet. Read on for the valuable intel!

  1. Pet-proof your house

Much like human babes, our fur friends have a seemingly unending need to put everything in their mouths. This can be a big problem if they happen to nab corn cobs, kebab sticks, onion or high fat meat. These do not agree with their digestive systems and are downright hazardous. Same goes for cleaning products. Protect inquisitive tongues - don’t leave cleaning agents on surfaces that can be reached, like benches or toilet bowls. Also, romantic gifts of lilies and chocolates are great for you but downright deadly for cats and dogs.


  1. Desex your pet.

As well as being critical for your pet’s overall health, let’s face it – you just aren’t ready to be a pet grandparent. Plus, they get a chic lil’ tattoo on their ear to show off to their pals. Don’t be complacent – book a consultation with the Pet Focus vets to explore this further. 


  1. Make your pet easy to identify

Microchipping isn’t just the latest Tik Tok dance craze. It’s actually law that your pet is microchipped as of 3 months old. Should your pet become lost, this safe form of pet ID’ing coupled with reflective tag lets people know your pet has a loved one looking for them. It also makes it very easy for you to be reunited.  

  1. Dental hygiene is for winners

Good dental hygiene is the best way of maintaining ideal general health, especially in senior cats and dogs. Brushing or using dental wipes daily is best. Pet Focus can teach you how to  get those pearly whites in fine form.   


  1. Angsty boredom isn’t just for teenage humans

There’s a wonderful mind behind your pet’s gorgeous fur – and it needs stimulation. In fact, mental stimulus is just as important as the physical. Go on plenty of walks, play, give lots of space, provide multiple cosy beds and hiding places for security. Have a stash of vet-approved safe toys for fun, like treat balls. They’re terrific for feeding and encouraging animals to hunt/exercise for their food.

We owe it to our pets to have their backs. Do right by your little mate. When they need help with their health, take them where the team truly cares: Pet Focus Vetcare.

20 May 2020

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