5 Ways To Chase The Sun All Year 'Round

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1 March 2017

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Don’t let your summer stories end! Create new sun-filled experiences by hopping over to Europe in mid-2017. To help you plan your ultimate trip here's five reasons why a European summer is a must-do for anyone that wants to keep their summer fling alive, thanks to Topdeck. 


No, you don’t have to do the work, just board your boat and enjoy sailing through some of the world’s most beautiful waters and the activities they bring. Enjoy balmy days and dappled islands in Croatia, relax on the sun-soaked deck before diving into the sparkling Aegean Sea in Turkey, island hop around Greece before exploring its whitewashed villages or for those with some energy to burn, party it up on Ibiza’s world famous boat parties. The choice is yours.


Are you a fan of exploring uninhabited islands, sandy beaches, and wine? Then you need to experience the Greek Islands in the European summer. By exploring Athens and Santorini, you will get to experience the sunny costal views of the Saronic Gulf and immerse yourself in the history of Greece. While heading over to Paros and Mykonos will allow you to get dressed up and see why they nickname the islands the ‘Ibiza of Greece.’


One of Europe’s hottest summer festivals is Sziget. One of the largest cultural festivals in Europe, Sziget is held every August in the heart of Budapest. The week-long festival sees over 1,000 performers and festival-goers can camp on-site or experience a little glamour in their podpad village. And with over 400,000 other punters heading to the festival, you will likely pick up a few travel pals along the way.


If sightseeing does not make you want to visit Europe in summer, then the food definitely will – don’t plan on losing weight on your Euro summer vacay! Depending on where you go, you can opt to cool down with a selection of cured cold meats and cheese or by licking your third gelato for the day. Or if you’re headed to Eastern Europe, then expect your diet to be packed with hearty and robust flavours that will power you through the lengthiest sight-seeing adventures. Traveling to Paris? Consider having a gourmet picnic featuring baguettes and pates in front of the Eiffel Tower, then stop in to one of the many pastry and sweet shops. Or do you want to discover what a tomato ACTUALLY tastes like? Head to Italy. Feeling seafood? Spain is calling your name.


Sure the main sights and sounds of Europe are a must-do, but to create the most memorable experiences you need to get under the skin of each place you visit. With dedicated tours of just one or two countries, Topdeck gives you authentic experiences you’d otherwise miss out on. A 14 day ‘Discover France’ trip gives you a first-hand experience into the world of French scent making with a guided tour of a 16th century factory, you’ll stay in a traditional chateau and learn all about cheese in Camembert.

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