5 Summer Holiday Party Hacks To Make Hosting A Breeze

Are you hosting a party this year?

12 December 2017

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It's December, which means that not only will you probably have to attend a Christmas party and a New Year's Eve party, but there will also be a bunch of other parties that your friends will be throwing because they want to take full advantage of the warm weather.

But what happens if you're the one hosting?

You've probably seen how disastrous things can get at a holiday party when there's a large group of people drinking together, so how do you avoid the stress of it all? How do you forget about filling the ice, the overflowing rubbish bins and just relax?


Luckily, we have the answer!

If you're hosting a party this summer, whether it's a holiday party or just a party for the heck of it, use these hacks to make sure that you can enjoy yourself just as much as your guests will!

Tell Your Guests To Bring A Plate Of Food 


Worried that there won't be enough food to feed all of your guests? Instead of hiring catering staff and spending days in the kitchen slaving over your hot stove, just tell your guests to bring a plate!

Not only will this save you a lot of time, but the guests will also bring food that they will want to eat themselves, so there's no need to worry about dietary requirements or variety!

Ask Your Guests To Help Create The Playlist


When you're playing music for adults who are drinking, any DJ will tell you that they'll have at least 10 people requesting different songs that aren't on their playlist.

To keep the crowd happy, get your guests to write down 5 of their favourite songs as they arrive and add them to a Spotify playlist.

Once everyone has arrived, just press shuffle so that the running order is fair and everything still gets played!

Have Some Games Ready To Go


Everyone worries that they're guests will get bored during a party, so to avoid this, have some games ready to go!

Whether it's a simple desk of cards, an old Twister board or SingStar (they've just released a new version for Playstation 4!), having a game prepared will help make your guests feel more relaxed if things get a bit too quiet.

Create A Hashtag For Your Party


After a party, a lot of people struggle to send everyone photos that they've taken. 

You may get hassled with questions about who has the party photos and how they can get them, so to make things easy for you and your guests, why not create a hashtag?!

Creating a hashtag will ensure that any photos taken at the event will be available in one place when your guests search for it on Twitter or Instagram!

Be On Top Of Your Bins


Where there is a party, there is mess!

If you're hosting a party outside in your backyard or something similar, have your big bins visible so that your guests are more inclined to throw their rubbish away rather than leaving it throughout your house!

However, if you're hosting your party inside, line your bins with 3 or 4 bin bags so that when one is full, you can pull it out and have more ready to be filled!

Do you have any party hacks of your own?

Let us know in the comments!

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