5 Sports That I (or potentially anyone) Could Nail at The Olympics.

Ned could be okay at these.

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The Olympics have just finished and everyone seems to be obsessed and how could you not be? The best of the best coming together to distract us from the awfulness that’s currently going on in the world.

All that being said, for some sports and for some people, the involuntary thought comes to mind of “Eh, I could do that” and I am no exception to that so here are 5 sports that I’m sure, given four years, I could absolutely destroy.

(This is also a joke list. Olympians are insanely talented and train their entire lives for their events, whereas I sometimes miss my mouth when I brush my teeth.)


Any Horse Based Sport

The Equestrian community isn’t really one that I want to annoy but it does seem like 90% of the work is done by the horse. If you gave me four years to create a friendship with a horse, I’m sure I’d kill it at dressage.



I’ve seen a friend of mine, as a 10 year old, learn how to do a backflip off a diving board in an afternoon, you can’t tell me that with four years I couldn’t learn some pretty cool tricks. Plus, at the end of the day, how badly can you mess up falling into water.


Table Tennis

I have never been taught how to do anything in a game of Table Tennis and yet, I could absolutely hold my own against any of my friends. So give me a coach and a professional sports persons salary and I would definitely be top 20.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Essentially Gymnastics for people who can’t walk on a beam. Its floor Gymnastics with other objects, like ribbons, hoops, balls and rope which I think distract from the actual gymnastics. Also if any judging category of your sport includes grace then its not that hard.


Race Walking

I mean, its walking. Children nail it by age 2 usually. No one deserves a gold in walking.

Once again, if you’ve mad it this far without commenting in rage, firstly thank you, secondly again this was all a joke, I am in infinite awe of an Olympian.

9 August 2021

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