5 Signs Your Relationship Is In A Drought

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While we'd all like for things to be dandy 24/7 when in a relationship, there are times where things can seem a bit dull. Before you think it's all game over, try realising the signs of a relationship drought before it comes to fruition. Here's what to look out for and how you can make things go back to being just dandy:

Fixated in a routine with no excitement

Sometimes life gets in the way and you find yourself fixated in a routine that isn't bringing much excitement to relationship. But there's always a solution to falling into a rut, one of those being to schedule in a date night once a week to ensure you have something to look forward to. This means spending time together and reconnecting amongst the routine of everyday life.  

Lack of communication

Communication is key to a successful relationship and without it, cracks start to appear. Communicating your feelings and even the small things means knowing where you both stand. To prevent things going south, make an effort to sit down and discuss any issues once or twice a week. This could include talking about house duties, finances, your kids, your relationship, an upcoming holiday etc.  

You stop doing things together

You used to do activities and go on cute dates all the time but now that's slowed down. Bring the spark back and make a list of things you'd love to do together that you can tick off as you go - climbing a mountain, checking out that new restaurant in Broadbeach, salsa dancing class, seeing a movie you're both interested in - the list goes on! 

Not as affectionate with each other

There are some people who show and feel love through affection, and if that starts to fizzle, it can send the person into feeling unwanted and all the horrible things you never want to feel when in a relationship. Talk about this with your partner and start to incorporate it back into your relationship - they probably miss it too! Even something as small as holding hands can do a whole lot of good! 

Arguments about small things

A sign of a relationship drought can be arguing about insignificant things. It's fairly natural to argue about the small stuff when you're feeling down. Try to understand if you're angry with the situation or the person you're arguing with - identifying why you're angry or upset is the first step forward to getting back on track!

You're relationship might be in a drought, but everything else doesn't have to be! 

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12 October 2020

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