40 Years Of The Fox - Here’s It Was Like Back In 1981!

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We’re celebrating an incredible 40 years with you, Melbourne. It all started when we played George Benson’s ‘Breezin’ on a Sunday afternoon in 1980, giving away millions of dollars over the years and then all the way to being in lockdown together. It’s an incredible achievement and we wanted to celebrate by taking a look at what it was like in 1981.

Back in 1981, your Premier of Victoria was John Cain Jr.

The number one song in the world was Physical by Olivia Newton-John.


The most popular fashion trends were all about that big hair, perms, neon colour clothes, more perms, spandex and more perms.


The most popular TV show in the world was Dallas, which was already a few seasons in at this point.

The highest grossing movie in the world was Raiders Of The Lost Ark and personally, I saw this over 100 times.

The richest person in the country was Kerry Packer.

The almighty teams playing for the 1981 VFL Grand Final was Carlton FC and Collingwood FC.


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15 October 2020

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