10 Things You Wish Your Boss Would Say

In your dreams!

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Work is the worst. No matter how much you love your job, it is still work or soon enough… it becomes work. No matter how hard you don’t want it to become laboursome… it does.  Sometimes/most of the time you wish you could do nothing on a beach 365 days a year.

It would be so different if your boss was more lenient. Why can’t they just let us have a month off, 12 months a year and still get paid?

But I mean, that’s insanity. But just for fun here is a list of 10 things you wish your boss would say…

  1. “You know what… have the rest of the day off I will finish your work!”
  2. “Are you stressed? Want a spa day? It’s on me!”
  3. “I’ve replaced the cold water tap with wine…
  4. “The boardroom is now a nap room, nap whenever!”
  5. “Thursday is puppy day so make sure you have your comfy clothes on!”
  6. “Everyone we have taken away changing your work passwords every few months. That was so annoying! – Our bad.” (IMAGINE)
  7. “The Christmas party is in Dubai, feel free to bring all partners and family members – we will pay for it all.”
  8. “Small talk about your kids and family holidays are banned!”
  9. “No one has to wear heels or button up shirts – its now office policy to be in active wear or pyjamas at all times.”
  10.  “Desks and chairs have been replaced with couches and laptops. Oh also we now have it as office policy that you get a massage daily”.

If anyone’s bosses have said this to them alert me and the rest of the world immediately!

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Tanya Hennessy

5 June 2019

Article by:

Tanya Hennessy

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