10 Questions With Cosi

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10 October 2018

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Age: 39 (significantly younger than Rebecca Morse) 

1. Relationship status: Married to Samantha who I met at Ladies night at Shenanigans. I gave her and her friends some $2 cowboy cocksucker vouchers and played the songs they wanted to hear…NEK MINUTE married.

Happy birthday to my darling wife... ❤️ Look what I did to her on her birthday !!! For years she has wanted this handbag so I surprised her and got it for her. I waited last night till almost midnight then started to deliberately wake her up to annoy her. I was on my phone with it really bright. I was tapping my phone sending emails. She woke up and was furious 😂😂 Calling me annoying and saying how I give her the shits!! I got her nice and mad and as it was five from midnight I pretended I was feeling sick. Then asked her to get me a drink cause I said I felt so sick. She had to get up. In the cold and walk down to the kitchen. As she walked into the kitchen our sensor light in the pantry flicked on revealing her surprise!!! The shrieks of delight were worth every cent I paid for the bag. Actually that’s bullshit.... The bag was a rip off in my opinion. BUT !! It was exactly 12:01 when she got her present. Wonderful to make her so happy in the first minute of her birthday ❤️❤️❤️❤️ She was so happy.... Let’s just say someone aside from her got their birthday present a little early around 12:26am 😘 #stillgotit I love her stacks and love keeping her on the edge. Happy birthday Sam xxx

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2. Kids and animals: Two little girls Matilda and Charli Rose…..My wife fell pregnant two years in a row on MELBOURNE CUP DAY! So the girls are under one year in age apart.

3. Where did you grow up? And what memory sticks out from your childhood? Born in Murray Bridge, conceived on the banks of the Murray River. Moved to Kadina on Yorke Peninsula where I taught Sauce Jacobs and Bernie Vince how to play football. After failing year 12 I went on to study at Roseworthy College doing my bachelor of Agriculture.

4. What does a Saturday look like in the Costello household? It’s a mixed bag…. my wife and I are kinda into having a few drinks so that can happen or it could be us sitting in the Royalty Theatre watching my girls do dance for 6 hours (which for the sake of this I’ll pretend I like more than the drinking).

5. What’s your greatest achievement? Starting my charity in Cambodia, it’s been the hardest and most rewarding thing I’ve done.

6. What’s your favourite quote? I love “Carpe Diem” seize the day. People waste their lives talking about doing things they will never do. I say just do it and get it done while you’re fit and healthy!

7. What is something about you that not many people know? I really like Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears….. like really like.. I could cry listening to The Climb by Miley Cyrus.

8. What’s your guilty pleasure? Answering questions about myself...

9. What’s the most untrue rumour you’ve heard about yourself? People like to say I deliberately put on weight to get on biggest loser!!! That’s very funny. The truth is once I found out I was going to be on I continued to eat as much shit food as I wanted.. Who wouldn’t?!

10. What would your kids say about you? My kids would probably say I work too much and they’d also ask where's Mum….Generally the kids ask her for 99% of things. They have grown up to know Daddy won’t do it, so they may as well just go straight to Mum. It’s a clever ploy that has had me doing less over my life…. perfect.

I’m in London hanging out with my favourite females xxx @instasam33

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