10 One Hit Wonders You've Been Wondering About

Ashlee Simpson has a new TV series!

24 September 2018

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Today is all about the One Hit Wonders that turned those long drives into all out karaoke sessions, and made up our childhood Singstar playlists. 

But have you ever stopped to think about where those artists are now, and why we never heard from them again? 

Here are 10 One Hit Wonders you won't have to wonder about anymore...


Houston – I Like That

While you might have loved Houston's hit 'I Like That', you probably won't like hearing that things went downhill pretty fast when he was hospitalised for manic depression in 2005. After attempting to jump out a hotel window, security locked him in his room where he gauged his own eye out. He’s since started an Anti Gang Rape Prison campaign, and is working to turn his life around, so keep an eye out for him.


Vanessa Carlton – A Thousand Miles


Vanessa Carlton’s song received miles of love in the early 2000’s thanks to Terry Crews in White Chicks and its catchy piano tunes. Since 2001, her music continued but the hype around the singer unfortunately didn't. Meanwhile, she came out as bisexual, got hitched, and had a daughter called Sidney.


Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy 


After their smash hit single ‘I’m Too Sexy', which had us all dancing like this. Right Said Fred obviously weren’t sexy enough to stay at the top! While the dance track made No.1, the London based trio never released a chart topper again. The pair made an unexpected reappearance in the media after Taylor Swift gave them writing credit on 'Look What You Made Me Do', which sampled the bass line from the chorus of 'I'm Too Sexy'. 


Vitamin C – Graduation Day (Friends Forever)

After the success of 'Graduation Day (Friends Forever)', Vitamin C focused her attention on songwriting and smashed out tunes for Nickelodeon and Disney shows, sung by stars including Emma Roberts, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. This lead to her current position as Vice President of Music for Nickelodeon (What a dream job?!) 


Daniel Powter - Bad Day 


It seems that Daniel Powter had a lot of Bad Days after his hit single. By the time his success ran out, Daniel found himself addicted to alcohol and cocaine. He tackled his addiction for 5 years, which included a stint in rehab, and has been working on new music in LA since 2015. 


Semisonic - Closing Time


Mila Kunis & Justin Timberlake confused us all in 'Friends With Benefits' (2011) arguing over the artists behind this iconic banger. But we're here to clarify that it was, in fact, Semisonic (sorry Justin). You might be surprised to hear that since the release of this super catchy single, the band hasn’t actually closed up for good! They're still together and making music, but it's guitarist Dan Wilson, who has risen to fame after contributing 3 songs to Adele's album 21, which won the 2012 Grammy Award for Album of the Year. Wilson also co-wrote and produced the single "Someone Like You." 


Phantom Planet - California

Just hearing that piano intro takes us back to binge-watching the O.C. After their hit that was played as the theme song for 4 seasons of the O.C, Phantom Planet never achieved mainstream success. But you might recognise their drummer Jason Swartzman, who has gone on to become a pretty big deal as a well-known actor and screenwriter.


Crazy Town - Butterfly

After their hit single ‘Butterfly’ you could say things got a little crazy for Crazy Town. Their fame declined pretty quickly after this, so the members decided to embark on solo stints in the music world. Shortly after, guitarist Epique died of a heart attack, but in 2007 Crazy Town announced a comeback album with the remaining members called “Crazy Town Is Back”. However, member DJ AM was found dead in his apartment of an accidental overdose in 2009, and lead vocalist Shifty Shellshock was sentenced for possessing drugs and beating his girlfriend in 2012. So it's probably safe to say that Crazy Town won't be coming back anytime soon...


Toni Basil – Mickey

Although the song 'Mickey' is probably Toni Basil's most well-known career move, she’s also done well… everything else. She’s directed videos for the Talking Heads, choreographed tours for David Bowie and still finds time to bust out some dance routines for acts like Tina Turner and Bette Midler. She also managed to break into acting and appears in movies along side Jodie Foster and Dennis Hopper.  


Ashlee Simpson – Pieces of Me 


Ashlee Simpson laid low after her hit ‘Pieces of Me’ that you may remember belting out on Singstar in the early 2000's. Now she's back in the limelight with a newly released TV series  ‘Ashlee + Evan’ that documents her married life with Evan Ross while showcasing a new original song in every episode.

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