Wilko & Courts

6-9am Weekdays


About the show

Wilko & Courts over the past 8 years have claimed Canberra as home and on weekdays from 6 they'll be waking up the Capital, now on 1047 Canberra's HIT. When not in a padded box, Wilko is a Dog Dad to Ari and living proof that you don't get square eyes if you watch too much TV, although you do end up knowing way too much about the Real Housewives. Courts is an actual parent to two girls Betty and Goldie and no matter how much Wilko compares the stresses of his parenting; Courts maintains training 2 small humans is much harder than a Border Collie. A proud Southsider who is always up for debate when it comes to the South being better than the North. Wilko & Courts are here to inform the Capital and more importantly have fun each day to help you escape the weight of the busy world, if only for that 20-minute drive to work. If you want to know what's going on and have a good time, then weekdays from 6 on HIT are where you need to be.