Mobbs & Roses

8-10am Weekends


About the show

The 3 best things about weekends are – no work, Mobbs’n’Roses and no work… unless you work weekends, then Mobbs’n’Roses is really all that’s left. Ellie Mobbs and Jason Roses are born and bred Canberrans who agree we live in the greatest city in the world…they just can’t agree on which part is better – North or South! You may remember Mobbsy from calling the FM104.7 nightly Countdown when she was teenager…and you may remember Jason Roses from his time in the old Big Brother house. So while we wait for the return of the FM104.7 Countdown, and Jason to enter the new BB House as an intruder…don’t miss a moment of Mobbs’n’Roses, cos one of those things definitely might happen one day.

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