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About the show

HI! I'm MC. The "M" stands for "Michael" and the "C" stands for "Christian". I'm a country boy, growing up on a farm near Gilgandra in Central Western NSW. When I was in High School I used to volunteer at the local community station and was a MASSIVE hit with my 4 listeners (mum, dad & two sisters), so naturally radio was the career for me... I packed my bags and moved to Sydney where I studied radio at AFTRS. Since then I've lived in Newcastle, the Central Coast, Perth, Melbourne and now back in Sydney. YAY! I've hosted red carpet premieres, been a ground announcer for the NRL, ALF & A League, touched Zac Efron, hugged Elmo and travelled around the world on tour with Rihanna. I live in Bondi & happily married to my beautiful wife. I'm addicted to sneakers (have over 50 pairs), eat way too many burgers, a travel NUT, love the NBA, big Cronulla Sharks fan and OBSESSED with Star Wars and comic books. I also own a lego pirate ship.