Is There Ever A Right Time To Break Up?

Mak & Lachy give their 2 cents

Is There Ever A Right Time To Break Up?

After seeing a number of breakups happening, Mak asked Lachy, when is the right time to break up? Could it be just before the Christmas festivities kick in? 

"Well, if you can get out of another set of gifts...", Lachy said. 

"You want to start fresh in the new year. It's a great way to start fresh and kick off the new year. If you're in a relationship and you both know it's not working, do it now before you have put up with each other's family for Christmas", Mak said.

Let's just clarify something else Mak said: "I'm not qualified, this is advice I'd give to friends." 

Need some breakup inspo? Listen to Mak & Lachy's chat here: