Author Brett Stevens Joins Mak & Lachy To Chat About His New Book, Rescue Paramedics

A tribute to paramedics

Author Brett Stevens Joins Mak & Lachy To Chat About His New Book, Rescue Paramedics

This morning on the show, Mak spoke to Brett Stevens, author of Rescue Paramedics, to discuss about his new book and how we need to give tribute to those who need more credit: paramedics.

Mak wanted to know more about the book, which follows true-life stories of front line paramedics on the job.

"It opened me up to the intense humanity of paramedics...I came to understand there is a different type of heroism with paramedics; sometimes you have to make the call. These are really life and death situations that they're forced into and I thought, that takes some extreme courage", Brett said. 

So what's the book about entirely, you ask?

Requiring high levels of physical, mental and emotional stamina, the paramedic’s life is far from easy, and their world is often invisible to those outside it – until the worst happens. Whether it’s climbing down a cliff to rescue a paraglider or trying to revive a child after a car accident while terrified parents watch—paramedics strive day in day out to save lives against the odds.

Brett Stevens, author of A Hard Place: The Rise of Street Gangs, has spent decades working with those on the front line of emergency services. In Rescue Paramedics he brings together some of the most dramatic, the most heartbreaking, the most unusual and the most inspirational stories of these incredible people and their lives dedicated to helping others in the most desperate of circumstances. 

Listen to Mak's chat with Brett Stevens and all things Rescue Paramedics: