Vanessa Sunshine Says 'The Bachelor' Isn't As Edited As We Think It Is

"I don't think it's that edited..."

Vanessa Sunshine Says 'The Bachelor' Isn't As Edited As We Think It Is Channel Nine

It's a known fact that most reality TV shows are heavily edited to present certain people in a certain way.

The Bachelor is one of the most dramatic reality shows on Australian TV and most people think it's because the producers of the show edit the girls in a specific way to make situations seem more over-the-top than they actually are.

Probably because we've been watching too many episodes of UnReal... but we digress.

Vanessa Sunshine, who was sent home after failing to receive a rose during last night's rose ceremony on The Bachelor, understands that sometimes, the producers cut out important pieces of footage for dramatic effect.

Whilst speaking to Heidi, Xavier and Ryan earlier this morning, she explained that a majority of her exit was cut from the show, and she wasn't really too sure why.

"I did stand there for, like, a second and then I went and hugged Nick and I actually said to him, 'I hope you find whoever and whatever it is that you're searching for' and then I hugged all the girls, except for Romy, and then I walked off."


Speaking of Romy and editing, Vanessa says that The Bachelor actually isn't as edited as we think.

According to her, all of the drama and cattiness we see on camera is accurate, especially when it comes to the three villains of this year's season:

Will you miss Vanessa Sunshine and her realness as much as we will?

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