DJ WILL has ERUPTED from the underground!

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DJ WILL has ERUPTED from the underground!

The underground has officially exploded after DJ WILL'S Coral Coast Tour absolutely took off! SO much so, successful DJ Manager Woody Whitelaw was able to land DJ WILL the very anticipated gig at Ku De Ta Perth.

If you have no idea what we're on about. Here is how it started.


Yeeep. He legit flew to Bali. 

AAAAAND he actually did real business. 

People were hot on the DJ WILL trend, even our own Premier, Mark McGowan wanted a piece of him. 

All of Western Australia was onto us, we couldn't go anywhere without the people wanting to see DJ WILL perform.

So we gave the people what they wanted... THE DJ WILL CORAL COAST TOUR! Coming to a BBQ near you.

Jurien Bay went off... Now it was time for Kalbarri. 

Here's a message from the manager.

This time we bring sausages. 

But the sausages weren't enough! Manager Woody really up'd the anti, we even had groupies!

For our final gig, we really had to get the word out... So PR Queen Heidi Anderson jumped on board to manage DJ WILL'S image. 

Add oh boy did word get out... 

Even the local newspaper posted!

The final and most epic gig happened at Finlay's Fish BBQ... the ultimate BBQROOM!

Actually hectic! After a week of hard underground DJ-ING Manager Woody announced the exiting news... 



We weren't ready until we had the appropriate outfits... 


Now be prepared for the most hectic gig entrance you've ever seen... Did we make it to Bali???



DJ WILL is heading to Bali with his entourage. Be ready Perth, you might just make it over with us ;)


Listen to the ARSHMAZING mix by DJ WILL here -