Ash Pollard Shares Her Breast Cancer Scare

Get yourself checked!

Ash Pollard Shares Her Breast Cancer Scare

This morning on the show, Gawndy & Ash Pollard discussed the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month coming up in October after the release of the I Touch Myself Project. But, what we weren't expecting was Ash Pollard sharing her own personal breast cancer scare on air.

"I had a I Touch Myself moment a long time ago. I was doing that in the shower and I felt something in my breast. Turns out, it was a tumour. I had two in my right breast and it took me a few weeks until I had the guts to go to the doctor because I thought, 'that would never happen to me'

"I went to the doctor and ended up having to go to the hospital quite quickly to get tests on these lumps and they came back as tumours. They didn't know if they were cancerous or not and that was the most awful thing to go through - the waiting process and finding out what the tumours were", Ash said. 

"Thankfully, they came back as benign tumours, but I still had to have them removed. I had to have my breast cut in to and my nipple was completely removed. I had two golf ball-sized lumps cut out of my breast. That happened to me 8-or-so years ago.

"I don't think I've ever gotten over it. Even though I never had cancer, if that stayed in my breast it could have turned cancerous. I implore all the women out there - no matter how old you are because I was in my early-mid 20's - go and get checked. Just go and get checked.

You want to be safe. Touch Yourself. Don't be ashamed."

If you're needing more information, or, to donate you can head to the Breast Cancer Network Australia website

Missed the chat? Listen to Ash Pollard open up about her emotional breast cancer scare here: